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Big ass French girl 10

Date: Jul 12, 2019 Runtime: 41:00

From the nicest girls ever that I ever fucked, she has nice boobs and nice ass, she came to me, when my gf was visiting me in my city, her body is awesome, and I couldn’t handle it more not to fuck her, and while I was fucking her my gf came and she saw me, and I had a lot of trouble, I told her to come join me and I fuck both of you, and finish on your faces, and she didn’t agree, and that was the reason that I got separated from my gf, and just to fuck her for you guys


The beautiful Arabic French 10

Date: Jun 23, 2019 Runtime: 41:00

So guys people say that meeting other people on social media is bad, but this is not right, and even if its bad, it will still be a good experience, so let me tell u about my experience: I was chatting with a nice girl, and we most of the time were sexting, and sending sexy photos to each others, and once she came to the same city where I live, and we spent couple of days together just to check If I should take this to the next step, and the first thing we tried was having sex, she was great in bed, she had a good tolerance, I gabbed her ass so badly she started screaming, and crying she was trying to run away from me and take breaks, and then come back and ask for more, she was epic watch the video to know what I am talking about.


Love in paris 10

Date: Jun 15, 2019 Runtime: 41:00

Paris is one of the greatest and the prettiest cities in the world, and people go there searching for love, cos its the city of love, and love in this era its all about sex, i went around the lake sightseeing and i saw a girl looking at me from far away, and she was smiling and laughing as if she new me, i went to her and talked to her just normally, and from after a while she told me that she know me and she is a fan and a subscriber, and she told me that she has a dream that she wants me to fuck her badly and specially here in paris, but i told her i can’t today, cos i am busy she told me she doesn’t care, so i showed her my dick, she almost fainted and i fucked her tits and her ass


Hardcore with Misha 10

Date: Jun 07, 2019 Runtime: 34:00

This is the Russian Whore Misha, she wants the dick till her brain, she saw me fucking all the other girls, so she was jelouse and wanted my dick too, she told me Antonio, I want u to fuck me so hard and destroy my ass, I told her no I will fuck nicely and with respect and I will ejaculate in ur eye and then she came and she proved to me and to u guys that she a big girl that handles all kind of hitting and disrespecting, and she likes it, I put my dick in her ass, mouth, and finished in her eye, BIG RESPECT FOR MISHA


The plesure of Anal 10

Date: Mai 22, 2019 Runtime: 34:00

Best Anal, words cant discribe how horny was this bitch i fucked her ass so badly she told me, this is her last ever anal, her ass was so tight i heard it tearing


Noor the arabic girl got fucked analy 10

Date: Mai 08, 2019 Runtime: 34:00

noor anal


this woman is the horniest girl I ever fuck, I fucked her so hard in her work place


The cuckolds wife 10

Date: April 27, 2019 Runtime: 34:00

this woman is the horniest girl I ever fuck, I fucked her so hard in her home while her husband is working outside